Direct Admission in MBBS Top Medical College

Direct Admission in MBBS Top Medical College
Direct Admission In Top Medical Colleges

There are a number of courses that one can opt for when they think of opting for direct admission in top medical colleges for medical courses. MBBS is not the only option. There are a number of options when it comes to medical courses like Nursing, Pharmacy, Allied health Sciences etc. But, for now, we will limit it to MBBS only.

Getting direct admission in MBBS in top medical colleges is not always an easy process. It’s quite a tedious process but with proper guidance it is possible that you can secure a seat easily.

Let us look at a few steps involved in the task of securing a seat and directly getting admission in MBBS in top medical colleges of India.

  1. Apply for NEET – You have to register for NEET and complete your process as per the guidelines mentioned which filling up NEET form.
  2. Once you are finished with the process of registering for NEET, you still are given chances to make rectifications in your applications. You are given time and sometimes that dates for rectifications are further extended too. You can get updates on the official website too.
  3. Download your NEET admit Card – After the dates are closed for the rectifications you need to wait and then a date is announced on which you can download your admit card. Download your admit card as this will be required on the day of examination.
  4. Appear for you NEET exam on the mentioned date. After this you will receive your result for your exam, one month after the test.
  5. You need to qualify and the cut off for the exam is mentioned on the day the results are announced.

Note : Merely appearing for the exam is not enough, as you need to qualify for admission to any medical college in India or be it a medical college abroad. Seeking admission without qualifying NEET means that you will not receive your eligibility from MCI.

  1. You will need to wait for the counselling dates which will be announced with rounds mentioned. You will have to go for all India counselling and state counselling as well.
  2. You can choose colleges of your choice and apply in them online.

These are a few basic steps that are involved In securing direct admission in MBBS Top medical college in India. Following these steps can help you get your seat in your desired medical college in India.

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Fees in Top Medical Colleges of India

The fees in top medical colleges of India for MBBS may vary from college to college. While there are some colleges that offer a package of 10 lacs per annum, there are some deemed colleges for MBBS that offer a package of 22 lacs per annum too. So the fees varies and depend on the college you select.

Direct Admission in MBBS Top Medical College in Bangladesh

As we all know, a large portion of qualified students are now opting for MBBS abroad due to a number of reasons like low cost fees and lack of seats in India and many other reasons. Let us look at the steps how you can secure a seat for MBBS in Bangladesh and which are the best medical colleges In Bangladesh

Let us look at step by step guide on how to get direct admission in MBBS in top medical colleges of Bangladesh.

  1. Apply for NEET and give the exam
  2. As mentioned earlier it is mandatory to qualify NEET for students seeking MBBS in abroad
  3. Choose a college of your choice
  4. Apply in the college with required documents
  5. You will receive an offer letter from the college with fees structure and its breakups mentioned.

Note: You should not consider this to be a confirmation of your seat in your college. Merely receiving an offer letter does not mean that your seat is reserved in the college. A college doesn’t confirm a seat until the seat booking amount is sent to them.

  1. Make the payment to the college account. This is the initial seat booking amount that has to be paid to be able to college.

Note: To be able to make this payment (which is usually in USD, you can take the help from forex companies for remittance or you can simply ask your bank to help you out)

  1. When the college receives that payment you will receive a letter from the college stating that your seat is confirmed.  
  2. Your docs need to be attested and verified from the embassy.
  3. Apply for visa and complete the process with the embassy.
  4. Book your tickets and fly to Bangladesh to achieve your dreams of studying MBBS abroad.

At any point in time if you feel that the process seems to be difficult for you, you can always consult an MBBS abroad consultancy to assist you. You have a number of MBBS abroad consultancy in Kolkata, west Bengal who can help you. Especially MBBS abroad consultancies of Kolkata since the communication from west Bengal to Bangladesh is easier and the distance is also feasible, including the language, hence there are a lot of consultancies, helping students to apply for MBBS in Bangladesh.

To apply for MBBS direct admission in medical colleges in Bangladesh, you can follow the above mentioned steps and achieve your dreams. Or else you may simply write to us at and we will be happy to assist you.

Top Medical Colleges In Bangladesh

Now let us look at few colleges that are good for you if you want to apply for MBBS in Bangladesh. Firstly I would like to mention that there are a number of colleges that you can opt for, but, you should not confuse yourself too much with the options. Hence, to keep it simple, I will mention just top ten MBBS Medical colleges in Bangladesh.

  1. Bangladesh Medical College
  2. Dhaka National Medical College
  3. Dhaka Community Medical College
  4. Green Life Medical College
  5. Jaharul Islam Medical college
  6. Delta Medical College
  7. Popular Medical College
  8. Prime Medical college
  9. BGC trust, Bangladesh
  10. Anwar Khan Modern Medical College

These are the list of 10 good colleges in Bangladesh for MBBS. And regarding the procedure to apply for it, we have already covered a part of that in this blog.

The University Guru is made with an intention to bring to all the students the right to know everything about the college, the procedure to apply to colleges and to have correct information at all times. It doesn’t mean that you cannot take the help of an MBBS abroad consultancy, but, you need to know everything before you take a step ahead, right? For MBBS direct admission in medical colleges or any information for MBBS abroad medical colleges or any assistance, do not hesitate to write to We are here for you and will always be there.

Cheers, future doctors !!