Nursing College Admission Details and Guidance

Looking for a career in Nursing? In this article I will discuss the eligibility, process of admission and future prospects of nursing.

For 10+ 2 students the two options for nursing are GNM and B.Sc Nursing. Basically if you are a student of science with Physics, Chemistry and Biology in your 10+2 then you can opt for B.Sc Nursing, otherwise if you belong from any other stream like arts and commerce then you can always opt for GNM.

What is GNM?

GNM is basically a diploma course. It is a 3 year course designed for students who want to opt for nursing after 12th but do not have PCB, that is Physics, chemistry and biology as their subjects. But, do not be mistaken that you cannot apply for GNM is you have PCB in 10+2. Both male and female candidates can opt for this course. Career options with GNM are also huge and you can always pursue your higher studies with nursing after opting for GNM. We will come to that later in the article.

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What is B.Sc Nursing?

B.Sc Nursing is an under graduate program designed for students with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as their subjects in 10+2. However, a point that I would like to mention here is that, merely having a science background with no combination of the above mentioned subjects will not allow you to opt for B.Sc Nursing and you will need to opt for GNM. B.Sc Nursing is a 4 year program and once again like we all know, B.Sc nursing has high job opportunity.

Why choose nursing?

If you have towards caring for people and treating them, then this course is designed for you. Being beside a doctor and treating a patient is a job that gives immense satisfaction and saving lives always makes you a super hero. And you can always opt for higher studies in the field of nursing. The more you go higher in the field of nursing and increase your level of competency, the better job opportunities will you have. After all we all know that the demand of nurses in health sectors is huge now and will be even in the future. This is one of the main reasons why many students are attached towards this course.

Career Options After choosing Nursing?

After completing GNM, B,Sc Nursing , M.Sc Nursing, There are a number of options that one can choose as a career. You can join community health care, ward nurse, teaching staff in nursing colleges, you can also be promoted to a deputy nurse or a superintendent of nurse, or the supervisor of the nursing department. For students who wish to go overseas for nursing jobs can always opt for a nursing job abroad as well.

Nursing courses in Bangalore

There are a number of nursing colleges in Bangalore. Most students from India opt for Nursing colleges in Bangalore, because of its popularity. For West Bengal Students Bangalore is slowly becoming amongst favourite spots for nursing courses. Even some nursing colleges have begun to serve bengali food in mess because of so many students going from west Bengal to Bangalore to study nursing courses like GNM and B.Sc Nursing. Good Nursing colleges of Bangalore have got own or affiliated hospitals for nursing students to do their practical classes and nursing course internship too.

Below are a list of nursing colleges in Bangalore providing GNM and B.Sc Nursing courses.

  • Karnataka College of Nursing Bangalore
  • Bangalore city college and school of nursing
  • DMJ college of Nursing Bangalore
  • RR Institution Bangalore
  • Sea College of Nursing Bangalore
  • Gayathri College of Nursing Bangalore
  • Manasa College of Nursing Bangalore
  • Shri Maruthi College of Nursing Bangalore
  • MVM College of Nursing Bangalore
  • Bangalore City College
  • Sofia College of Nursing Bangalore
  • Bharati Institute of Nursing Bangalore
  • DMJ college of Nursing Bangalore
  • Ramaiah College in Bangalore
  • Apollo College

These are some of the colleges out of the many that are providing nursing courses in Bangalore. Bangalore is also one of the popular destination for nursing courses due to its low course fees and world class infrastructure.

Reasons why Nursing is so Popular In Bangalore?

As we all know, nursing is very popular in Bangalore. Seats in Nursing colleges in Bangalore become full much before the last date. Below are a few reasons why nrsing colleges in Bangalore are so sought after.

  1. Low Fees
  2. Great Infrastructure
  3. Easy Admission Procedure for nursing
  4. Theory and practical along with internship
  5. Placement assistance after nursing course completion

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